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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Two widgets were added. 

The first one looks like the icon of the application with information about the number of days ahead/behind the schedule. 
The second widget provides information about the reading for today. You can change the size of this widget (if yor version of the system allows).

IMPORTANT NOTE! There is an issue with widgets in some Android versions. To install the widgets you must move the application from external card to the internal device memory. Choose device 'Settings' -> 'Applications' -> 'Manage applications' -> 'Schedule' (application name) and click 'Move to phone' button. Now you will see the app widgets in the list.

Supported languages:
  • Dutch - Nederlands, Vlaams
  • English - English
  • Italian - Italiano
  • Portuguese - Português
  • Russian - Русский язык
  • Spanish; Castilian - Español, Castellano
  • Ukrainian - Українська мова

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